SEO Tutorial In Urdu Hindi Lesson 01

Lesson 01
SEO Definition: Tutorial In Urdu
Source: YouTube Video by Wali Khan

This is first video on SEO tutorial in which you will learn basic concept of SEO. SEO stands fro search engine optimization. Search engine optimization means to optimize your website according to search engine especially Google. If your website is optimize properly according to search engine then your website or webpage will rank higher than other competitor pages and on search your page will come in first page of search. For search engine higher position you will work on so many places on website. You domain name, site design, navigation and page layout shout be SEO friendly. Your domain name should contain main keyword of your site topic. Before making any page you should know the primary and secondary keyword according to that page. Generally we do on-page work 30% and 70% on off page work. If you will work against SEO rule then your website will be penalize and will not come on first page on search result.